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Research shows that R&D projects are becoming increasingly complex, owing to, for example, cross-functional teams, globalization and shorter product life cycles.

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There are so many areas which should be covered, thought through and planned, that in this jungle of issues, companies often forget about the team which will be overwhelmed by this mess later. This becomes an even more significant problem if your Consulting Company overlooked the issue as well. In any case, we are not one of those companies!

Forgotten stepchild
The team in EU projects is like a middle child, important, but is not given sufficient attention. The structuring of the team should be initiated together with the R&D agenda at the beginning of the process, not at the end!

Remember: Involve all those who know the work at the pre-planning stage! It will ensure that all tasks are in place and that the project will be completed on time.  

Quality, not quantity!
Creating an interdisciplinary team with the right mix of skills is vital to the smooth and successful execution of any project. Team members may be able to cover multiple roles or there may be a sub-team focused on a particular area. Resource allocation depends on the level of expertise each team member has, the scope of the project and the budget available.

Remember: Guy Kawasaki (Chief evangelist) said that two skills are crucial: ability to construct (technical skills) and ability to sell it (sales skills). I would willingly add management skills as well.

PhDs everywhere
If you have the opportunity to add  someone who looks like Albert Einstein and has a PhD  to your team, do it immediately! Mad scientists are a hit right now. But all kidding aside, at least one person with a PhD and with a university background will be a great asset to the project and will make it look more scientific (yep more scientific).

Remember: include someone with a PhD in your project

Some things you simply just can't measure
More than anything else, it’s the people that offer the creative spark that ignites the engine of innovation and this is the thought that you should always keep in mind in the first place.

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