Clinical Laserthermia Systems

The Outcome

CLS was granted 2,1 Meur from the SME Instrument, HORIZON 2020, phase 2.

The Company

Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB is a Lund-based company active in the medical equipment industry active since 2006. The Company develops and markets a product for the treatment of solid cancer tumors. The product is based on Immunostimulating Laser Thermo Therapy (imILT). 

The project

The project will bring the groundbreaking immunostimulating Interstitial Laser Thermotherapy (imILTCLS) to the market and clinical practice. This minimally invasive therapy is designed to achieve local tumour destruction and stimulate specific antitumour immunity in a patient’s body. In recent years, anti-cancer therapies based on activation of the immune system have grown in significance and popularity. This approach is especially viable for patients who previously had very few treatment options. However, only approx. 20 % of all patients respond to drug-based immunotherapies of today. The project is aimed at delivering a novel device-based cancer immunotherapy method that destroys the tumour locally and induces long-lasting, vaccination-like, systemic immunity against the treated form of cancer. 

GAEU's role

GAEU has been deeply involved in structuring the scope and configuration of the project and its budget. GAEU conducted workshops with the client and wrote the successful SME Instrument phase 2 application. GAEU also produced the Grant Agreement and reported the project to the EC. 


“We are very pleased to be granted Horizon 2020 funding. This significant amount of money, EUR 2.1, will be spent on the validation of imILTCLS. The studies will be performed in collaboration with hospitals we have an established relationship with: in Marseille, France, Porto, Portugal and in Nottingham, the UK. The grant gives us stronger resources to bring imILTCLS to the market and to offer our method as an option in cancer treatment.” Lars-Erik Eriksson, CEO CLS

CEO, Lars-Erik Eriksson