Idogen AB

The Outcome

Idogen was granted € 2.9M from the SME Instrument, HORIZON 2020, phase 2.

The Company

Haematologists and KOLs emphasise the pressing need for safe and effective technologies to overcome NA in Haemophilia A, which is not possible today. Idogen’s technology platform allows cells from the patient’s blood to be reprogrammed outside the body to dendritic cells with the capacity to specifically counteract adverse immune reactions.

The project

This project aimed to develop and validate IN-3012, a novel tolerogenic vaccine that utilizes a person’s own cells to treat neutralizing antibodies (NA) in Haemophilia A patients who have failed immune tolerance induction (ITI). Haemophilia A patients are given the blood clotting protein, factor VIII as standard of care. However, a serious consequence is the development of NA towards factor VIII leading to therapy resistance. This leads to crippling arthropathy, other morbidities and high mortality. ITI is the most used treatment of this condition but 35% of patients do not respond and are in a vulnerable situation. The research performed to date strongly supports the vaccine’s potential to eradicate NA. The proposed project will bring IN-3012 through a Phase I/II clinical trial in humans. The safety and preliminary efficacy data will constitute the basis for further clinical development and commercialisation of the product. Idogen’s strategic focus lies in establishing IN-3012 as a novel treatment in Haemophilia A patients having failed ITI. This will constitute the cornerstone of Idogen’s accelerated growth. This project is the key step to realize the strategy.

GAEU's role

GAEU helped structuring the project and highlight the parts essential in order for the commission to see the potential of the project, even though it was at a very early stage in its development, and very venturous.


"We warmly recommend GAEU Consulting services to Life Science companies seeking professional advice within Horizon 2020 funding."

Lars Hedbys, CEO