The Outcome

Klaria received € 2M from the SME Instrument, HORIZON 2020, phase 2.

The Company

Klaria's business concept is based on developing and commercialising innovative products with clear competitive benefits in the therapeutic fields of migraine and cancer-related pain. In total, the two markets are estimated to exceed sales of $ 7 billion, and a high level of growth is anticipated for the future.

The project

The grant will, as announced earlier, be used to finalize the development and commercialisation of KL-00119, the company’s leading candidate for treatment of acute migraine-related pain. KL-00119 is developed based on the company’s patented drug delivery platform that makes it possible to quickly, comfortably and reliably transport active substances into the blood stream by attaching a stamp-sized film in the oral mucosa.

GAEU's role

This was a complex project involving material science, medicine, production and market introduction. We helped structuring the project and highlighting the arguments that would demonstrate the value of the project, both for patients and society. We also made a big difference in the process by preparing the team for the interview in Brussels.


“Working with GAEU has provided the necessary structure and balance to our application. Their experience in emphasizing and bringing out the broader potential of our innovation and expressing that potential in clear text has been the most valuable part of our interaction. Navigation of the H2020 application process is complex, but with the help of GAEU, Klaria has been able to focus on bringing out key points in the broad potential of our innovation and critically, will aid in our presentation of our company in discussions with investors and shareholders outside of the context of H2020.” 

Dr. Scott Boyer, CEO, Klaria