Nelson Garden

The Outcome

2013 Nelson Garden AB was granted 200,000 eur from the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova for conducting R&D activities. 2016 Nelson Garden was granted 1,2 Meur from the SME Instrument, HORIZON 2020, phase 2.

The Company

With its 11,000 resellers Nelson Garden is the largest seed sales company in Scandinavia. Nelson Seed Development is an innovation and research company within the Nelson Garden Group. Seed Vitalisation® is an ecological and fully automated seed priming process, developed and patented by Nelson Seed Development. It can rightfully be expected to transform the commercial landscape of the seed industry within the near future.

The project

Nelson Garden has developed the ecological Seed Vitalisation® method, which is the first and only priming method that allows for long-term storage of primed seeds. Seeds that have been treated by Seed Vitalisation® will have all the traditional benefits of priming such as faster and more uniform germination, higher rate of germination and stronger seedlings, which altogether helps to increase the yield. The project objective is to scale up the vitalisation method and existing machine prototype to a commercially viable level and demonstrate the vitalisation method to potential customers on European markets.

GAEU's role

GAEU has been working closely with the project team from the very beginning. We begun by writing the winning R&D Vinnova application and to advise the project team when pitching the project to the grant agency. Regarding the SME Instrument funding, we have been deeply involved in deciding the scope and configuration of the project and its budget. We have conducted workshops, we wrote the successful Phase 2 application and we took care of the Grant Agreement. Along the way we also were invited to a fantastic Nelson crayfish party in the deep forests of the Småland region.


“We are very pleased with GAEU. The dialogue with GAEU is always constructive. The staff is always on hand to give straight answers to any questions. GAEU´s project leader Tomasz Wąsik provides very clear instructions, which is a good thing. Throughout the process we have had continuous checks and reviews, which we have appreciated. I really would like to recommend GAEU to anyone who is interested in applying for Horizon 2020 funding.” Håkan Jalling, EU Project Manager

Håkan Jalling, EU project manager