The Outcome

Symcel was granted € 3.5M from the SME Instrument, HORIZON 2020, phase 2.

The Company

Symcel is a privately held biotechnology company located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company's current focus lies on  sales efforts on the research market in microbiology, specifically on antibiotic developers. Since 2017 they are strengthening they position to enter the in-vitro diagnostics market within antibiotic susceptibility testing. The team consists of competent staff with academic knowledge and experience in the areas of the company's activities.

The project

The grant was received for the clinical validation of Symcel's current project, an instrument called calScreener, as a diagnostic device to decide which antibiotic(s) to use for patients with sepsis.

GAEU's role

GAEU wrote both the granted application for Phase 1 of the HORIZON2020 SME instrument and the granted Phase 2 application. The project defined in Phase 1 is now being implemented in Phase 2. This is a unique example of the importance of consulting us early in the process, and defining the project in the long term together with our experts. We have developed a strategy and implemented it all the way through the process.