TLA Targeted ImmunoTherapies

The Outcome

TLA was granted € 2.7M from the SME Instrument, HORIZON 2020, phase 2. TLA was the only company in the Swedish life science sector that was granted. 

The Company

The company develops the Tailored Leukapheresis (TLA) immunotherapy for immune mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs), which has demonstrated proof-of-concept in a Phase I/II clinical trial on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The company is in the process of starting clinical trials within additional prioritised IMIDS: paediatric IBD, acute respiratory distress syndrome, PSC, alcoholic hepatitis, RA, MS and ALS.

The project

TLA Targeted ImmunoTherapies, was granted the EU contribution for an innovative project in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

GAEU's role

GAEU helped structuring the project, limiting the scope and building business argumentation. We made a grand contribution to the successful process by preparing the client for the pitch deck and interview in Brussels. We also created the presentation needed.