The Outcome

Ziccum has been granted EUR 50k from the SME Instrument, HORIZON 2020, phase 1.

The Company

Ziccum is developing new dry-powder versions of the world’s most effective vaccines and biologic pharmaceuticals. These new, gently air-dried formulations can be transported easily and cost-effectively, with no costly cold storage or refrigeration required. The project, LaminarPace System is a breakthrough technology for dry-formulation of sensitive pharmaceuticals at room temperature enhancing their stability beyond the cold chain.

The project

In the LaminarPace project, Ziccum AB aims at developing a gentle, room temperature spray-drying technology for the application in the pharmaceutical industry. The system is operational on a laboratory scale and pilot-tested now. It could successfully lead to the development of new biologics: vaccines, drugs, and therapies. An industrial-scale system based on the same principles of operation is intended to be developed and commercialised. The objective was to set the large system into BioTech production lines.

GAEU's role

GAEU's team at Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence wrote the proposal.