GAEU Consulting has an expansive network in Sweden and elsewhere. Not only have we phenomenal relationships with governmental departments promoting business, customers and delivery companies; we are also part of multiple strategic partnerships.


Founders Alliance

Founders Alliance runs a business network for Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs. Its core is its members, which together with other experienced entrepreneurs, business owners and professional peers make up an intricate net of people with which to make business. Its members exchange knowledge and are mutually inspired by one another, in a sense that incites them to utilize their entrepreneurship and build sustainably lucrative international companies. Since its founding, Founders Alliance has grown, developed and galvanized its network of members and is now incorporating substantial parts of Sweden’s most prominent and experienced business founders.



CONNECT is a non-profit organisation founded in 1999. The organisation is owned by its members and works to stimulate the creation and development of growth companies. CONNECT puts together entrepreneurs possessing competence, as well as capital, through building networks between growth companies, the established business world, professional advisors, financiers, students and scientists. Its purpose is to improve the conditions for sustainable growth and increased employment in Sweden.


Medicon Village

Medicon Village, located in Lund, proffers a unique environment for life science through the integration of science, innovation and entrepreneurship, for the benefit of human health and quality of life. GAEU Consulting’s office in Lund is located in Medicon Village.


Medicon Valley Alliance

Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) is a non-profit member organisation in the Danish-Swedish life science cluster Medicon Valley, located in the region of Öresund. MV’s more than 250 members, that put together employ around 140 000 people, represent the region’s triple helix which includes the university, hospitals, initiatives in human life science, local governments and service providers.



SwedenBIO is a national non-profit organisation for the life science industry in Sweden. Its primary objective is to benefit the prospects of success and growth of the whole Swedish life science industry. SwedenBIO’s members develop biotechnology, diagnostics, medicine and health technology. They are also experts in business development, IP and jurisprudence, among other areas.


Stockholm Science City Foundation

Stockholm Science City Foundation (SSCI) aims at strengthening an attractive environment for life science to flourish in Stockholm. SSCI encourages the collaboration between universities, industry and healthcare, in an effort to promote the development of socially useful and profitable innovations, products and services.


Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (Stockholms Handelskammare) is an essential hub for business owners, politicians and other policymakers in the capital and its surrounding regions.



Strong customer performance gives strong finances. With AAA Credit Rating and Risk Class 5,  the leading rating agencies confirm that GAEU Consulting has the highest credit rating.




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