Half of Phase 1 money went to GAEU Consulting’s clients

As many as 25 of the total 53 EU applications granted to Swedish companies before the SME Instrument's Phase 1 closed for good earlier this year were written by GAEU.

- These are fantastic companies with cutting-edge innovations that will make the world a better place. It is with humility I can see that so many leading innovative companies choose to give me and my talented employees their confidence, comments Roland Vilhelmsson, proud CEO of GAEU Consulting.

Here are the 2019 winners of the SME instrument Phase 1: Agricam AB, APPRL Fashion AB, Asteria AB, Authentico Technologies, Capitainer AB, Cavis Technologies AB, Decon Wheel AB, Deep Forestry AB, Dicot AB, Double Bond Pharmaceuticals AB, Formulate AB, Goava Sales Intelligence AB, ImmuneBiotech Medical Sweden AB, Kontigo Care AB, Learning 2 Sleep AB, Med Universe AB, Newstag AB, OnDosis AB, Oncodia AB, Phyron AB, QureTech AB, Scandinavian ChemoTech AB, Sensic AB, TIRmed Pharma AB, Tempix AB.

In 2019, the SME Instrument has been replaced by the EIC Accelerator Pilot. In the "accelerator", grant funding is supplemented by an offer of equity financing, which is expected to be provided primarily through trusted investors in the European Innovation Council (EIC) circle and, secondly, through EIC's own fund. Innovative companies can apply for a grant up to EUR 2.5 million alone or combine the grant with an additional equity of up to EUR 15 million to accelerate and streamline go-to-market activities. The offer is called “Blended Finance option” (BFO).

In the first cut-off for the year, three Swedish companies were granted accelerator funding. Two of these were GAEU's clients. Both applied for BFO. Together, they received EUR 4.1 million in grants. Additional millions of euro in added equity financing are expected later on.

More information: Roland Vilhelmsson, +46 70-205 87 29, roland.vilhelmsson@gaeu.se

Pictures for free publication can be found in our press room at www.gaeu.se

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