Horizon 2020: Nelson Garden receives EUR 1.2 million

Using GAEU Consulting services, Nelson Garden has been granted 1.2 million Euros in EU subsidies. As one of only three approved Swedish projects in the SME Instrument Programme's latest application round Nelson Garden AB has been selected for testing a new groundbreaking method for large-scale organic vitalisation of seeds.

The cooperation with GAEU Consulting started back in 2013 when GAEU wrote a grant application to the Swedish innovation agency for developing a first prototype. The application was granted 200 000 Euros. The project was successful which led to Nelson deciding to let GAEU also produce an application to the SME Instrument Programme for upscaling.

Håkan Jalling, EU project manager, Nelson Garden:

“We are very pleased with GAEU. The dialogue with GAEU is always constructive. The staff is always on hand to give straight answers to any questions. GAEU´s project leader Tomasz Wąsik provides very clear instructions, which is a good thing. Throughout the process we have had continuous checks and reviews, which we have appreciated. I really would like to recommend GAEU to anyone who is interested in applying for Horizon 2020 funding.”

Tomasz Wąsik, CEO Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence:

“Nelson Garden has been a dream to work with. First, they have benefitted from the domestic funding opportunities and thus secured national awareness. Subsequently there has been a thorough and professional campaign to win the SME instrument grant. The project has significant commercial value and can help to solve world food needs. The technology is definitely cutting edge. Due to great cooperation between ourselves and Nelson Garden the successful application was developed.”

“One has to have a long term perspective when you apply to the SME Instrument Programme. Nelson´s first application was not granted but after careful analysis of the outcome, I made a revised application and this time they received the grant which this great technology deserves. If your project is strong enough it is always worth making a new attempt to convince the European Commission´s evaluators.”

Torsten Nilsson, principal owner Nelson Garden:

“We know that the technique works, but each type of seed to be treated must be tested to develop an individual prescription. It is a process that takes time and is costly. Ultimately, we hope that the method is of great importance to the availability of food globally. Today there is a major problem with reduced cultivation areas while the world's population is increasing.”


For further information, please contact:

Tomasz Wąsik, CEO Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence

Telephone +48 696 108 683, tomasz.wasik@gaeu.pl

Torsten Nilsson, principal owner and president, Nelson Garden,

Mobile phone +46 (0)70-665 11 00, torsten.nilsson@nelsonseed.se

www.nelsongarden.se  (go to ”R & D”)

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