SME Instrument: New record. GAEU wrote 12 granted applications

In Sweden, companies applying for the SME Instrument Phase 1 may be granted from either the EU Commission or the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova through so-called runner up funding. In this year's first call for proposals (cut-off February 13), 10 Swedish GAEU-produced Phase 1 applications were granted from the EU. In addition, two GAEU clients have been granted runner up funding. 

Roland Vilhelmsson, CEO, GAEU Consulting Group, comments: 

– The demand for our services is strong among Sweden's most skilled researchers and entrepreneurs. That is of course one important reason why we once again have improved our Swedish record in granted applications. 

Granted EUR 50,000 by the European Commission 

• Goava. Smart Business Intelligence (ICT) 

• ImmuneBiotech Medical. New probiotics for chronic fatigue symptoms (life science) 

• Scandinavian ChemoTech. Advanced pain control (life science) 

• OnDosis. New way to deliver prescription treatment (life science) 

• Dicot. Treatment of sexual dysfunction (life science) 

• APPRL Fashion. Smart tools for influencer-driven sales and marketing (ICT) 

• Capitainer. Innovative tool for quantitative blood microsampling (life science) 

• Formulate. AI for Saas solutions (ICT) 

• NBMI. Treatment of rare diseases (life science) 

• Double Bond Pharmaceuticals. Innovative cancer treatment (life science) 


Granted EUR 50,000 in runner up funding 

• DH Anticounterfeit. Innovative protection against counterfeiting (ICT) 

• Precisely. Cloud-based intelligent contract management (ICT) 


More information: 

Roland Vilhelmsson, CEO, GAEU Consulting, +46702058729, 

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