Vinnova: GAEU Consulting’s clients receive more than 10 million

It was the most competitive application round Vinnova has ever seen to any of their calls. Together, GAEU´s clients received funding of more than 1 Million Euro – each applicant receiving at least 120 000 Euro. GAEU´s clients excepted, only 22 of the total 706 applicants, received amounts exceeding 120 000 Euro.

Roland Vilhelmsson, managing director of GAEU Consulting:

– It is clear that GAEU makes a difference, and this is a result from our approach to only recommend clients to apply for funding once we have analyzed their project plans to be sure that they are strong enough to stand a chance in the competition. The common denominator for our successful applicants are that their projects represent a high level of innovation, a clear chance to penetrate the international market, a strong and relevant project team and a convincing as well as realistic plan for implementing the project.

The deadline for the next round for applications to Innovation Projects in Small and Medium Sized Businesses is September 29

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