Alpha Biotech: € 49k

Alpha Biotech is a small research company with innovative products for diagnosing infections transmitted from ticks to humans. Based on recommendation, we hired GAEU to assist us in being granted funding for our planned development initiatives.

We are in an early commercial phase, and our revenue this year (2013) is € 34,000. GAEU produced an application that was granted € 49,000. Before GAEU assisted us in being granted funding, we had no employees. We have, after the successful application, been able to hire a first employee in order to scale up our development work. GAEU have been very industrious in their efforts. Our consultant’s contribution have been of great importance to our company’s progress. We wholeheartedly recommend GAEU to other businesses interested in receiving grant funding for innovative R&D projects.

Kenneth Nilsson, Chairman of the board, Alpha Biotech AB