Cellcomb: € 190k

We had experience of grant applications from before, and therefore understood early that the project we were planning was innovative and disruptive enough to make the cut in order to get funding. Despite this, the application we wrote ourselves was turned down by Vinnova.

It was after this we came in touch with GAEU Consulting, who after having analysed our project idea recommended us to scale down the project slightly and let them, as professionals, write the application. So happened. Vinnova have now granted us € 190,000 in funding from the Research & Grow programme.

We are very pleased with GAEU Consulting’s guidance – from project analysis to granted application – and we especially want to emphasize the high level of service the company has shown throughout the entire application process.

We recommend other companies with exciting project ideas to benefit from GAEU Consulting’s knowledge!

Henric Nedéus, VD, Cellcomb i Karlstad AB