Opsis: € 2.3M


Last year we asked GAEU Consulting to find a funding scheme that could help us to be ready with a new innovation, a contribution large enough to make a difference to our business. GAEU recommended phase 2 of the SME instrument and has since written the application and guided us through the process; workshops, assistance with application strategies and guidance on what information should be supplemented. We applied for the first time last spring. The application passed the threshold but received no grants due to competition from other companies. GAEU analyzed the situation, gave us valuable feedback from the result and recommended us to reapply, which not only led to improvement of the project but also resulted in a grant of €2,300,000 for development of a new solution for analysis in the food industry. We strongly recommend GAEU! We will use them in the future.

– Svante Wallin, CEO OPSIS AB – Olle Lundström, Director OPSIS LiquidLINE divisionen