Xzero: € 49k

The Phase 1 applications that pass the score threshold (13 out of 15) separating eligible applications from others are considered worthy of EU contributions. If there are many that pass the threshold on a single occasion, the EU contributions are not always sufficient to all those who qualify. For this reason, Vinnova has decided to fund the Swedish projects that can end up in this situation from their own cash register, so that they can work on Phase 2 with public funding. The cleantech company Xzero’s application is an example of this. The result: a grant of € 49,000 from Vinnova for a Phase 1 pilot study aimed at market introducing Xzero’s innovative production system of ultra clean water for  the semiconductor industry. The company is, together with GAEU Consulting, moving toward Phase 2 – international expansion and demonstration.

Aapo Säsk, Chairman of the board