A word from the CEO

We help our clients apply for EU funding from the Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator and additional sources for public innovation financing. In this way we help hundreds of growing innovative companies every year reach their business goals and at the same time do good for the environment and for humanity.

Our important role in the ecosystem of innovation makes every workday important for me and my coworkers.

Our method for excelling in customer benefit year in and year out is offering coworkers the chance to grow and thrive, by working in close collaboration with growing innovative companies. As a result, Europe’s most skilled experts in EU grants gravitate toward GAEU Horizon Europe Centre of Excellence. We are in proud possession of Europe’s longest list of references in terms of bringing home EU grants and grants for SME businesses.

The supply of EU grants is enormous. However, the competition for the money is fierce. You must have begun developing an innovation with a large commercial potential for an application to be granted. You must also, with gargantuan precision, apply for the grant in the accurate grant programme. The process of applying is oftentimes extensive. In addition to this, it is becoming increasingly required for the applicants to pitch their project for a jury in Brussels before the EU commission decides about the application. Most applicants fail because of this.

This is where GAEU Consulting comes into the picture. We are specialized in assessing the chances of success for a project, and we have proven to be in possession of the requisite ability to write winning applications.

Call us at +46 (8) 556 063 50, and we will go through your project immediately. It is our goal to make sure you are our newest reference here on our website.

Welcome to GAEU Consulting!

Roland Vilhelmsson,
Founder and CEO


Strong customer performance gives strong finances. With AAA Credit Rating and Risk Class 5,  the leading rating agencies confirm that GAEU Consulting has the highest credit rating.




Roland Vilhelmsson

Group CEO

+46 8 556 063 50


MBA, Tomasz Wąsik


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