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From our knowledge hub GAEU Horizon Europe Centre of Excellence we advise innovative growth companies all across Europe on how to successfully apply for EU grants and other types of public innovation funding. A part of the surplus generated by our consulting business we invest in innovative companies.

GAEU Consulting has a proven track record and one of the longest reference lists in Europe of customers who have benefitted from our services to finance their R&D projects and product development projects, minimize the financial risk involved in investment projects and carry out international undertakings.


In our organization, you will find business-minded and highly capable advisors, all with strong merits from the European Commission, academia and/or international business. A large part of our coworkers are PhD’s.

Our policy is to recommend our clients to apply for funding only in case we make the assessment that the application has a higher chance than average to be accepted.

Our business ethical guidelines and confidentiality policy describe how we handle confidential information in the projects and other project related issues that need to be handled with great care.

Under References, as well as on other sections of our website, you will find a variety of business leaders who confirm our ability to perform high-quality services and deliver excellent results. Feel free to contact them.


A successful grant application always begins with an analysis in which we assess the project’s potential to be granted EU funding from the European Commission, national funding schemes or other types of corporate support mechanisms. The results of our grant analysis are presented to the project owner as a comprehensive decision basis upon which the right decision concerning the possible grant application can be made.


We prepare the grant application so that it not only meets the formal requirements, but is also convincing and stands out among competitors. We participate actively in the dialogue with the funding authority and ensure that all documents are submitted on time. Within Horizon Europe projects and other complex international R&D, innovation or demonstration projects in the areas of ICT, cleantech and life science we coordinate the project content and information related to international project partners.


All projects awarded EU funding are subject to progress reporting and financial reporting. Entrepreneurs sometimes find it difficult to navigate through complex reporting guidelines. Our experts assist the client in the whole lifecycle of the project and take care of both simple quality assurance tasks and complex project accounting and reporting procedures.


There are thousands of different EU subsidies and grants, including regional, national and international funding schemes. During our long time in the EU line of business, we have learned what entrepreneurs need to know and how to pack the information so that the addressee’s benefits are maximized. We prepare straightforward and understandable information material and organize workshops for key employees of a company or a corporation.


Horizon Europe: EUR 80 billion for European R&D projects!

Benefit from the funding possibilities offered by the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever.




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Group CEO

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